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Eco-Material provides variety of molded pulp products as green packaging solutions. We produce molded pulp products such as trays , clamshells , bowls and plates for food service industry application .Other than above mentioned products , we offer custom made laminated mold pulp products to provide extra barrier for those heated , cold storage required food service application . As an experienced pulp mold manufacturer for years, Eco-Material has been leading the trend of the molded pulp product industry in Asia.

Currently , our mold pulp product in Taiwan are produced by fully auto machine with water cutting to speedup the production output , maintain high and stable quality , this factory now is focus on laminated mold pulp products and recycled paper pulp product lines . Other than Taiwan production base, we also setup our joint-venture factory in China to provide uncoated bagasse pulp product for low cost , high volume food service industry application .

To meet customer's requirement, we also invest an injection factory in China focus on PSM / PLA cutlery product line to provide food service customer total solution.  

About Us

Eco-Material Co currently have 13 fully auto mold pulp production lines , 6 lamination machine and about 150 people in Taiwan , we can produce around 15-20 millions mold pulp products per month Our existing customers are comes from US , Canada, Australia and Europe.

We have following strength to make we are different from other vendors

1. Excellent R & D: teams: We've our in house R & D team so it's easy to communicate with the R & D team. We can easily come out 2D / 3D file for customers review within 2 working days after detail discussion with customer. We also offer fantastic ideas about the tooling design, product structure, pull off angel and production quantity etc.. .

2. Fully Automatic pulp molding machines with high efficiency: With the automatic machines, we produce good products efficiently with low labor cost.

3. Professional lamination: Our company can laminate the products using PE/ PP/ PET provide excellent barrier on our mold pulp product to fulfill the need of different application.

4. Customization service. Customer can offer his idea and requirement then we can design the product for you. After ID is confirmed , we can come out 2D/ 3D drawing in working days.

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