Our Production Line in Taiwan


Eco-Material work with Taiwan machine maker to come out the latest and fastest speed fully automated pulp molding equipment. With low energy consumption and long operational hours as basis. In 2010, we setup our newest pulp molding production line which has super long unmanned operational hours. We are proudly claim our machine is one of the fastest full auto mold pulp machine in Asia.

Features of Pulp Molding:

  • Fully Automated Design
    Complete computer production control, No need for a large group of operators. It has the advantages of reliable performance, low energy consumption, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Rapid Production Design
    The pulp flow from the pulp making equipment at the front-end to the production system is monitored by the PLC computer. Pulp making and blending is performed by computers to reducing operator error. In the production planning and design, stainless steel piping is used and designed to the standard of food manufacturing. The rapid production process reduces wasted time at every key juncture, greatly decrease production duration. Achieving super high sustainable operational speed and stability. Production speed faster than existing market machine for around 30-50%.
  • No trim Design
    Unique water jet trimmer and finisher eliminate needs to use a trimming equipment to trim the edges once the product is finished. Product edges are smooth with no scraps. The design educes cost of trimming equipment and manual trimming and at the same time eliminate the problem of trim scraps.
  • Auto Clean Devices
    Complete cleaning planed. The stainless steel mesh in the mold is automatically washed during production. Each complete product has a stable weight count. No light exposure problem.
  • Auto Stack
    Product is automatically ejected when it is dried, It has computerized automatic stacking and automatic product count. No more need for manual calculation and sorting.
  • Rapid Mold Change
    Mold can be changed in 2-3 minutes. This greatly reduces mold change time. It does not need special tool for mold change. Mold change is also not dangerous.